Parsec Reach Out Programme – Community Engagement

ParsecReachOutWe agree with the sentiments of the late Dr Anton Rupert (tycoon and pillar of South African commerce and industry) who once said, “In a legal sense a company is a person, and the question arises: how human is it in its actions, how big is its heart, and what services does it offer the community within which it has its being and from which it derives its profits?”

With these sentiments in mind and in line with our value statement, we attempt to empower and enhance the lives of our own employees as well as those of the wider South African community.

Parsec’s corporate social investment drive includes a commitment to fostering health, education, skills development, conservation, waste management and the development of sport in the broader community.

Each month we supply Bana Ba Kgôsi, a children’s after care centre in the Wintersveldt, with nourishing non-perishable food which is prepared as a hot meal and distributed to over 200 learners who come to the centre every week day.

Parsec is passionate about encouraging and facilitating education and growth. It supports and sponsors the acquisition of skills, diplomas and degrees by a number of beneficiaries in an attempt to uplift and equip previously disadvantaged individuals. An example includes sponsoring school and transport fees of a special needs child. Opportunities for experiential and practical training are given to a number of students each year.

Parsec supplies wool to a number of our lady employees. They crochet or knit colourful blankets that are distributed to these children before the winter sets in.

Sport1Sport is close to our hearts. We have sponsored various activities ranging from supporting a South African Police initiative called Sports against Crime by kitting out two junior soccer teams comprising street children who are encouraged to focus on soccer and exercise rather than doing drugs or partaking in criminal activities to donating funds towards an up and coming young football player’s trip to Brazil. Annually we sponsor road running club membership of a Comrades Road Runner.

TreesIn the past Parsec, in collaboration with Food & Trees for Africa’s (FTFA), sponsored the planting of indigenous trees at Mononong Primary School in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria. FTFA’s is South Africa’s national greening, climate change action and food gardening social enterprise that, as part of its National Tree Distribution Programme (NTDP), has distributed over 3.5 million trees to disadvantaged communities across the country since 1990. Parsec also donated a number of copies of ‘Tales from the Marula Tree’ to the school library to promote environmental awareness among the learners from a young age.

Parsec has “a big heart” and it plans to increase the amount of social investment and community offerings commensurate with its growth.