Who is Parsec (Pty) Ltd?

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Parsec (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Parsec Group of companies, is a world class player in the outsourced development and manufacturing market. The company develops and produces customised electronic subsystems and products for clients in the global defence/aerospace, telecommunication and industrial sectors. Clients include OEMS, system integrators, engineering companies and service providers.

With the purpose to enhance the competitiveness of partners and clients, plus a 100% commitment to delivering the ultimate experience, Parsec can be considered a well-established and reliable embedded solutions provider. Furthermore, the company continuously strives to add value to their partners and customers by:

  • Reducing time-to-market as an all-inclusive solutions provider, Parsec facilitates start-to-finish planning and goal oriented project management.
  • Saving costs – by outsourcing, capital investment costs are reduced and clients are able to align their development and production capacity with their business cycles.
  • Enabling clients to benefit from sharing the cost of sub-system development and production facilities with many other customers.
  • Including risk management for clients, who are able to focus on their core competencies, have a single point of contact, hand over responsibility for a range of activities and benefit from Parsec’s customer diversification and exposure to the latest high-tech trends. 

The extensive practice and exposure to various applications has resulted in a wealth of capabilities, skills and resources within the company. As a result, Parsec prides itself on being a centre of excellence and a technology force that delivers innovative, customized all inclusive solutions.

Additionally, Parsec effectively partners with its clients to provide start-to-finish solutions over the product life cycle, optimal sub-systems or products, while enhancing and leveraging its offerings through re-usability and use of own Intellectual Property.

The following products and services are provided to customers worldwide:

Design Services

  • Parsec provides development services to product development companies. Such services range from high-end avionic sub-systems through to cost sensitive high volume mining applications.
  • The design process includes system engineering, project management, hardware design, FPGA (firmware) design, software design, integration and testing.

Manufacturing Services

  • Parsec supplies manufacturing services to a variety of clients, many of whom have typically built a long standing relationship with Parsec. Parsec provides them with high level specialised manufacturing capabilities and takes responsibility for a variety of activities to meet their production needs.
  • Parsec’s manufacturing facility is geared towards low to-medium-volume high-technology assembly for prototyping and production runs. High workmanship standards are maintained while special attention is given to delivering high quality assembled boards.
  • Typical turnkey services include component procurement, PCB sourcing, component assembly, board and system level testing.

Start- to- Finish Solutions

  • Having the production offerings integrated with its electronic design and development capability, Parsec is able to offer a unique blend of all inclusive-electronic design and production services. Parsec has a deep understanding of design and production issues and is able to integrate the two and thus provide optimal Start-to- Finish Solutions.
  • Such start-to-finish solutions typically start with rapid prototypes, through formal development, industrialization and finally right up to the manufacturing and technical support

Continuously striving for growth, Parsec’s vision is to be recognised as the ultimate technology partner and to maintain meaningful and lasting relationships with its partners, employees and stakeholders through sustained personal, financial and intellectual growth.