Parsec achieves level 5 on the ICT B-BBEE Scorecard

Parsec has recently been through its annual B-BBEE verification process and is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a level 5 score as a value added supplier. This is wonderful news for our clients as they are now able to recognise 100% of the value that they procured from Parsec.

Parsec is delighted with this result as the basis for this year’s audit was the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Charter, which was published in June 2012. The ICT Charter includes a sector-specific scorecard used to determine the BEE scores of enterprises in the ICT sector. As in the Generic Codes, the scorecard includes the seven standard elements of BEE: Ownership, Management Control, Employment Equity, Preferential Procurement, Skills Development, Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development (SED) initiatives.

From a preferential procurement point of view Parsec has been fortunate in that most of its suppliers are committed to complying with BEE requirements, thus enabling Parsec to recognise a substantial amount of its own procurement.

We agree with the sentiments of the late Dr Anton Rupert (tycoon and pillar of South African commerce and industry) who once said,

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In a legal sense a company is a person, and the question arises: how human is it in its actions, how big is its heart, and what services does it offer the community within which it has its being and from which it derives its profits?

With this attitude in mind and in line with our value statement, we have attempted to empower and enhance the lives of our own employees as well as those of the wider South African community. Parsec’s corporate social investment drive includes a commitment to fostering health, education, skills development, conservation, waste management and the development of sport in the broader community.

Parsec Reach out Programme

Parsec is passionate about encouraging and facilitating education and growth. It supports and sponsors the acquisition of skills, diplomas and degrees by a number of employees and other beneficiaries in an attempt to uplift and equip previously disadvantaged individuals. Opportunities for experiential and practical training are given to a number of students each year as well.

The first enterprise development initiative included facilitating the formation of a 50% Black owned electronic distribution company. Since then Parsec has chosen three Black owned ICT enterprises and donated valuable equipment that enabled these businesses to enhance their own offerings.

Over the years Parsec has streamlined its processes and procedures for spending, documenting and tracking its contribution to the development and empowerment of previously dis-advantaged stakeholders. Complying with the Charter did not pose any challenges.

The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes of Good Practice were gazetted in February 2007. From the start Parsec committed itself to the transformation process and in recent years has slowly but surely progressed from a compliance level of 8 to a level 5.