Manufacturing Capabilities

Parsecʼs production division is geared towards providing total turnkey electronic production to clients either requiring a start to finish solution (from concept to deliverable products), or clients only requiring contract manufacturing.

Our commitment to quality and proper process control ensures that all products, irrespective of the complexity or specification, will meet the requirements of our clients. We currently provide services to clients in the defence, industrial, mining and telecommunications industries.

Good communication is vital in the execution of projects. Parsec employs a team of dedicated project managers with the responsibility of providing the vital link to our clients and to ensure that all projects are completed on brief and
on time.

State of the art production equipment is used in conjunction with highly trained operators and technicians. Our two SMD lines consist of in-line, automated stencil printers, latest generation Samsung pick & place machines and either seven or nine zone reflow ovens. Quick turn-around times on the SMD lines ensures that low and higher volume assembly can be easily accommodated, whatever the complexity of the boards to be assembled. A prototyping
service is also offered.

Key to successful and repeatable assembly is proper process control. Production specialists ensure that all the assembly processes required for a project are properly qualified and maintained throughout the production process. Latest generation Dage X-ray equipment is used to monitor the integrity of the assembly process, especially for boards populated with BGAs and other leadless components.

It is however of the utmost importance that the production data packs and kits are correct before assembly commences. Parsec’s configuration department ensures that the necessary documentation is up to date, available and changes formally controlled. Procurement ensures that all components are procured as per requirement and suitable for the required production processes. A wide component and printed circuit board supplier base and proper supply chain management ensures the best possible pricing and component availability.

Quality remains one of the most important aspects of production. Therefore, all operators and technicians are highly trained in their respective fields as well as IPC trained and certified to the latest relevant IPC standards. Quality control inspectors inspect boards and products at pre-defined stages and before final delivery.

Apart from SMD assembly, Parsec also does conventional component assembly, conformal coating, environmental stress screening (ESS), board-level programming and testing, product integration and product testing. Parsec has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and producing Test Equipment.

Parsec’s production division works in close collaboration with its development division, ensuring that all products are developed to be production orientated for reliable and efficient production. Due to the cost and time saving effect of having production orientated products, Parsec uses its experience to provide contract manufacturing clients with valuable feedback on how to improve the reliability of their products as well as how to minimize costs.