DSEI 2013 – Looking back

By Tobie van Loggerenberg, Business Development Director

This year’s DSEI was as impressive as previous years and the variety and volume of different equipment was mind boggling. Any type of defence equipment under the sun from the smallest micro robot to the biggest missile launcher was on show. The South African pavilion was represented by the regulars from our industry and we were all very satisfied with the pavilion layout, especially the open space type design and the clean white finish. Well done to AMD and the DTI!

535890_714706871888790_1299918958_n“So how was business?” …  I assume  you want to know. Well, as usual the show started off slowly and my perception was that the number of visitors were less than expected during the first two days. On the Thursday we were able to have some constructive meetings with both international entities but also with our local clients’ representatives. Funny how it always happens that you need to travel 9,000km to meet with your local South African clients and have discussions that for some reason always end up as solid, constructive and promising. This is also the place to meet with the delegation from the South Africa MOD as representatives  were doing their rounds at the SA pavilion. I think we were able  to plant a seed or two with the deputy minister -Armscor’s CEO also seemed very interested when we mentioned our offerings for network security solutions.

1185190_715729368453207_2083298138_n 1236757_714706875222123_286796567_nIn summary, attendance volume was not as high as we experienced at IDEX earlier this year, but according to other exhibitors this was mainly due to cut backs of the number of people sent by their organisations in order to save costs in the current economic climate. The sales people were there, but the engineers whom we mainly target, were few and far between.

Was it worthwhile? Most definitely.  

Should we go next time? Definitely.