Long-term Service Awards

An extract from a letter to all long-term service award winners, written by Elena Bielich …

‘Tonight we are holding our first annual Long-term Service Recognition Award celebration and are applauding milestones of 5, 10 and 15 years of committed service to Parsec. We recognise 59 of you who form part of our talented and devoted group of employees and who have collectively contributed 561 years of loyal service to Parsec….. During your time at Parsec, you havesupported our value system and represent what we stand for. You have contributed to Parsec’s growth and development and your dedicated efforts have helped keep Parsec dynamic and ensured that as a company we keep moving forward’

In the picture are some of the 10+ years achievers, photographed during the event held at the Ballroom of the Pretoria Country Club – Annie Filander, Tobie van Loggerenberg, Malinda Roux, Charl Roux, Evert Scholtz, Louise Stricker, Wilma Buytendag, Rose Mtsweni, Piet du Toit, Margaret Manyeke, Ian Mackey en Andries van Schalkwyk


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