Broadband Connectivity Solutions

Redline Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd is a South African Company that specialises in Broadband Connectivity solutions for government institutions, enterprise -, educational , ISP and Telco operators. Redline uses Free Space Optic (FSO) communications equipment, radio frequency communications equipment or a combination of the communication technologies to provide the client with a 99.98% network availability. If required, Redline can install Optic Fibre networks or VSAT installations. Redline equipment has been deployed in more than 32 countries.

Our key aim is to enhance the competitiveness of our clients through providing them with timely reliable cost effective solutions

FSO communications is an extremely robust point-to-point wireless communications technology that uses a laser,1 operating in the infrared optical band to communicate digital data through free space. Applying laser and not LED technology is due to the high coherence and collimating characteristics of lasers. This allows high optical power transmission over very long distances.

FSO is a connectivity technology widely deployed by enterprises that need high-performance communications in a building to building or campus environment, but have sections of their networks where fiber cannot be installed – either for cost or logistical reasons. The Redline range of FSO products is ideally suited to address these needs by effectively providing a “fiber over the air” capability at various data throughputs and distances.


  • Full duplex Gigabit data throughput, irrespective of the distance between FSO links
  • Point to point line of sight connectivity, although, due to no latency, hops/repeaters can be used
  • Typical deployment range of 100m to 3000 m to obtain a 99.98% availability
  • Maximum range 4400m for a single link. Multiple hops/repeaters can extend the distances
  • License free
  • Interference free operation for both RF emissions and other FSO links
  • Highly secure
  • Rapid deployment
  • Seamless communication of:
    • IP Data
    • Voice Over IP
    • IP video.

Key Characteristic of Redline RF Products

    • Longest range – Redline has installed more than 200 links over 80 Km. Longer reach means more coverage with fewer radios.
    • Best coverage – Redline radios offer the greatest Line of Sight (LoS) and non-Line of Sight (NLOS) ranges, delivering uninterrupted coverage in mist challenging environments.
    • Highest throughput – Redline delivers the industry’s highest throughput.
    • Lowest latency – Redline’s innovative Media Access technology delivers the world’s lowest latency.


  • Secure – Redline is the only broadband wireless company offering the choice of AES – 256, X.509 authentication and FIPS 140 -2 certification.
  • Future proof– Redline’s products are software upgradeable.
  • Specialized – Redline networks are ideal for Pont-to-Point or Point- to – Multi Point application.
  • Personalised – Redline’s advanced Quality of Service (QoS) controls allow users to create tiered services and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Highest reliability – Redline’s industry-leading 29 year Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) combined with the industry’s lowest documented field failure rate 90.3%, means maximum uptime and hassle-free operation.
  • Designed for outdoors – Redline’s ruggedized, submersible products provide uninterrupted coverage in harsh weather conditions.
  • Quality assured – Redline tesst all products with leading camera and other manufactures to ensure flawless performance of systems.

As an ISO9001:2008 certified company, Redline follows a rigorous business process to ensure that our products and services are of the highest standards. Our key aim is to enhance the competitiveness of our clients through providing them with timely reliable cost effective solutions.

Redline Satellite Broadband Services

Redline Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd is an Access-and Point-to-Point (PtP) / Point to Multi Point (PtMP) technology provider to a local university. Redline utilises a variety of technologies to adhere to the client’s specific requirements, which range from Free Space Optics (FSO) communication links to RF PtP and PtMP links as well as Satellite connectivity.

Since 2009 Redline has provided this institution  with different solutions that range from throughput speeds of 100 Mbps up to  1 Gbps, and distances of 100 meters up to 17 km.

A requirement was raised to supply internet access for international guests attending  a conference at one of this university’s satellite  campuses. The requirement was to provide a cost effective, uncapped internet service for a minimum of 30 people for a period of one month at speeds exceeding “dial-up connectivity”.

The Satellite solution offered by Redline can be tailored for prioritised data or voice with a Download / Upload speed starting at 512 kbps/ 128 kbps up to 15 Mbps /3 Mbps. Data caps are as low as 4.5 GB per month for unlimited data.



After initial investigation, Redline found that the existing backhaul connectivity solution to the campus was limited in capacity and would be inadequate to provide internet access to the volume of conference attendees. The reliability of the existing infrastructure was also questionable as the infrastructure was often damaged or subjected to theft.  Based on the requirement to provide the service within  a month, a contractual agreement with other service providers of backhaul was not viable as the admin/legal process between Redline and the Service provider would have exceeded the available time frame to install a network before the conference commenced. Two problems came to light. The remote location of this campus meant it was located outside the main network, and an FSO/RF network was not possible to deploy within the allocated timeframe.

Redline opted to provide the backhaul via Satellite connectivity, utilising the Ka Band and installing Wireless Access Points (WAP) to provide Hotspot coverage on the campus.  The concept was discussed with and approved by the client.

Redline Satellite Broadband Services


The advantages of this solution were the following:

  • Rapid deployment (solution deployed within 3 days).
  • Availability of remote service, independent of a fixed line or wireless network.
  • No requirement for telco infrastructure.
  • Fixed cost. The client receives a saving when a pre-determined daily data cap is not exceeded.
  • No long-term contractual obligations. Available  on month-to-month basis.
  • Can be deployed as a temporary or permanent solution.
  • Scalable and customised solution to fit changing business requirement.
  • Instant logon for conference attendees after registration.


Final approval was received three days prior to the required launch of the network and with minor glitches,  the network was up and running within the required time allocated, with a download speed of 3072 Kbps and upload 1024 Kbps.  The availability of the link during this period was 100% (monitored) and based on the daily usage, the download data peaked at 598 MB per hour and upload data peaked at 436 MB per hour.

Redline Broadband Rapid Deployment Solution can provide reliable connectivity service to various clients rapidly with no delay or restrictive contracts.

The Satellite solution offered by Redline can be tailored for prioritised data or voice with a Download / Upload speed starting at 512 kbps/ 128 kbps up to 15 Mbps /3 Mbps. Data caps are as low as 4.5 GB per month for unlimited data. The client has the option of upgrading or downgrading the service. Typical applications for this solution are:

  • Temporary connectivity for exhibitions, conferences, disaster management, etc.
  • Internet connectivity for remote schools, clinics, lodges, farms, mines etc.
  • Internet and voice connectivity where no fixed lines are available.
  • Redundant connectivity.

By deploying this solution Redline was able to assist the client in providing reliable Internet service that could be utilized by all the conference attendees, hereby ensuring  a fast internet access experience.